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The Blue Heaven Experience

Antigua is an exciting and vibrant island with enough for every member of your group to experience paradise the way they want to. Considered to be the event capital of the Caribbean, festivals, regattas and shows have regular spots on the islands calendar each year, and offer a wonderful window into the facets of life in Antigua.

Sailing – Antigua is considered the heart of the yachting community with the season culminating in Sailing Week when the best of the world class yacht descend on the island at the end of April. Classic Yacht Regatta is a week long event where the old sailing boats in the world pit their skills against one another.

Cricket – With our colonial history Cricket was adopted as the sport of the West Indies, and today remains as strong with the new game of 2020 added to the calendar and bringing with is a new and younger crowd of supports and world class players.

Romantic Rhythm’s Music Festival – Although romance is in the air all year through in Antigua, June has been christened Romance Month with the most beautiful celebration of romance being the music festival in its second year in 2009.

Carnival – Celebrated each year in July and August, Antigua Carnival celebrates emancipation from slavery. The colourful costumes and energetic dancing of the groups and troupes is a spectacular site, and well worth the drive into St. John’s.

Beaches - Renowned for some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, your Antiguan experience will not be complete without some serious relaxing beach time. Worth travelling across the island are Jabberwock where you will find kite surfers take to the skies, and Darkwood, a beautiful beach complete with rustic beach bar.

Rum – Our local rum is Cavalier, a dark rum server in rum punch around the island. The sweetness can be deceiving, and addictive so take small sips.

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